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Firefighters in Creston, Montana, Recall 9/11

┬ęBert Gildart: Remember 9/11/2001? How can any one ever forget? Certainly not America’s firefighters who deserve a particular debt of gratitude, though, in reality, it is we who should be honoring them. But today, in Creston, Montana, firefighter Joey Wood was trying to help Americans remember those things for which we tend to believe.

Firefighter Joey Wood Wants Everyone to Remember 9 11

Firefighter Joey Wood Wants Everyone to Remember 9/11

When I first saw Firefighter Wood she was standing in front of the small building representing our rural fire department not far from a plaque asking America’s to remember 9/11. Behind her were two fire trucks polished to perfection-all ready to go.

Ms. Wood was also attired for work dressed as she was in her helmet and fire-retardant suit. The day was hot, but she wanted to call attention to the fact that 9/11 is a day all Americans should come together and remember the many sacrifices so many have made.

Her presence prompted a flood of memories, and I recall that on 9/11 I was hiking in Glacier where I heard the unbelievable rumor that New York had been bombed-and, later, from some ridiculous camper, “that it was the haughty nature of Americans that had prompted the attack.” Possibly the comment was the product of an irrational thought of the moment, when emotions were frayed, though I never learned, for I quickly departed.

Today, I was delighted to visit with Joey Wood and learn that not only are firefighters in Creston trying to help Americans remember the significance of this day, but also, according to Joey, so are fire fighters in other parts of the valley. I also suspect that the Flathead is not unique and the Americans all across the nation are recalling where they were and what they were doing on that tragic day.

Again, I thought how fitting it was that Joey Wood was standing at attention in front of the tiny fire station in Creston, Montana, population, perhaps 30.

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