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Anza Borrego’s First Wildflowers of the Season

©Bert Gildart: Though not the first plant to be rearing its head here in California’s Anza Borrego Desert State Park, sand verbena is certainly one of the first. And although not the very first, it is certainly one of the most showy, growing in the many sandy washes that surround us here at Peg Leg campground.

Sand Verbena

One of the season's first wildflowers now flourishing in sandy washes.

We found this particular clump while driving the bumpy road into Coyote Canyon and photographed it with a macro lens. It was partially overcast, which is ideal for close-up photography of small groups, but not the best lighting when included as part of a vast landscape that might include mountains.

Sand Verbena flourishes all over the desert Southwest and you will also find it in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of southeastern California, southern Nevada, western Arizona and northwest Mexico.

Other flowers now blooming include the Evening Primrose and the Ocotillo.




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One Response to “Anza Borrego’s First Wildflowers of the Season”

  1. Rich Charpentier Says:


    It’s never hard to understand why I admire your photography so much! I sure do hope you’re saving the “best of” for later.

    I’m 10 days from going to Borrego, and I sure hope some of the flowers wait for me!

    Be good, and be safe! Tell Janie I said HI!