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What Do Moose Eat?


Moose along Alcan, chowing down

©Bert Gildart: What do moose eat? Well, they eat fire weed, and lots of it.

That’s something we learned today while driving the Alcan Highway, for we have left Fairbanks, and are heading south, but not quite leaving Alaska. In fact, we’re heading back to Chicken, then we’ll be traveling over the Top of the World Highway, where we’ll stop about 100 miles later for a night or two in Dawson City. Dawson recalls the times Robert Service spent having preserved his cabin. Here, he penned such famous poems as the Cremation of Sam McGee. It also preserves the memory of Jack London with a cabin and we hope to see the former homes of both.

After a night or two in Dawson, we’ll be heading back to Whitehorse, but just briefly. About August 8 we should be pulling into Skagway, Alaska, and, there, we’ll make ready to climb the famous Chilkoot Pass. We’ll be joined by Adam and Sue Maffei, another Airstream couple whose company we enjoy immensely.


In the meantime, we have a fairly long way to go, and right now the wildlife along the ALCAN is keeping us mighty occupied. This guy was grazing along the road near Delta Junction, which is about 100 miles south of Fairbanks. He didn’t seem to mind the cars, just so long as no one got out, which no one did. Most people here seem to understand wildlife and what it takes enjoy observing it.

That enabled us to learn a little something about feeding habits here in Alaska, which really isn’t that much different from Alces alces in Montana, i.e., they love fireweed.


Proof that moose love fireweed.

Note: Not sure what our Internet capabilities will be in Chicken or in Dawson City, so there may be a lag or two after this posting before I can blog again.

AS THE EARTH TURNS: Sunrise and sunset in Fairbanks will be 4:40 and 11:16 respectively.


*Glacier National Park’s Moose Valley


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    all i asked wuz wat do moose eat not all dis but anyway i gatta dumb progect and its bugin me kie no 2marrow 4real but anyway im cindy campbeal lol rememeber dis wuz writen on da date of 3-2-2010

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