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Scorpions Are Out At PegLeg

©Bert Gildart: Since Janie had cataract surgery, which included lens replacement, it seems as though there’s little that passes by her undetected. So it seemed this morning as we sat watching the rocks just beyond the huge mat in front of the Airstream that belong to Tom and Sandi Palesch.

“You wanted to see a scorpion!” she exclaimed. “Well, there’s one right now.”


First scorpion I've ever seen, much less photographed. What kind is it? Anyone know?

How she saw it I’ll never know for it was small. As well it seemed sluggish, reluctant to move, and so everyone in our small group had difficulty finding it. But she was right; there it was, and because it blended so perfectly with the rocks and the sand we all knew it might be time to start watching where we walked.


Because so many species of scorpions apparently inhabit southern California (Anza Borrego in this Case), I’m not sure of the species, though it could be either a rock scorpion or a bark scorpion. That, at any rate, was the consensus after attempting a Google ID. Hopefully, as time goes by we’ll find someone who can do a better job of identifying our arthropod.

In the meantime, head’s up, for the hot weather is apparently bringing them out. Watch where you walk, and if you are an RVer who has been leaving your shoes out at night, now might be the time to start bringing them in. If you’ve got a woodpile, you might want to examine each chunk before you pick it up.

In general, the advice is to keep your eyes open. In my case, I think I’ll just be taking my wife with me everywhere I go. Aside from the fact her eyes are obviously much better than mine, it’s not a bad option in many other ways.



*Amargosa Opera House


2 Responses to “Scorpions Are Out At PegLeg”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Bert

    Congratulations on seeing your first Scorpion.
    I know you have been looking for a while. :-)
    It was great meeting you on the ABF Hike to Harper Canyon.

    Bob Baran

  2. Rich Charpentier Says:

    I’ve been wanting to photograph one for quite some time. I think it’s a bark scorpion. Great capture Bert, once again your making me ever so jealous! :)