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Virgina City’s Brewery Follies – It May Not Be For Everyone

©Bert Gildart: When you buy the $18 ticket for the Follies they tell you right up front: “You know this is adult entertainment don’t you?” Adding, “If you’re not comfortable with off colored jokes and sometimes a little political satire, this program may not be for you.”


Ribald performances at Brewery Follies may not be for every, but talent can not be questioned.


Of course that may be just the tantalizing come on you need to attend the Brewery Follies, held in an old brewery in Virginia City, Montana.  But if it’s not, you’ll know what’s what right from the get-go. Then all you have to do is stick up your nose, saying in so many words, “These are not my type of boys and girls.  I’m above this.”  Be assured your moral certitude  — and subsequent departure — will garner much applause…

Four young talented men and women provided acts that were rehearsed to perfection. Each of the four could sing or dance and create audience participation. And all could poke fun in a way that didn’t antagonize, even in roles that some might considerate off limits.

BobbyGutierrez-1 BretTuomi-3 DonFuhrman-1

L to R: Bobby Gutierrez; Brit Buchan ; Don Furhman


Don Furhman played the part of a jilted gay lover, Bobby Gutierrez a suave Italian Romeo, and Brit Buchan  seemed involved in everything.  Sometimes two or more of the four acted out parts together as did Bobby and Don, when they played the part of detectives.  Same with Arcadia and Brit, when they created a dialog in which they discussed the ten things a man and woman who are romantically involved should never do.  Now, here, you can let your imagination run wild.

Everyone in the audience seemed to have a favorite, but Arcadia Jenkins, who dramatized the part of a young girl trying to win a lover, may have been our favorite. She did so with ribald humor and gestures that were exaggerated to the extreme.

ArcadiaJenkin-2 ArcadiaJenkin-3 ArcadiaJenkin-1

Arcadia Jenkin is a master of extremism and her performance offers sexual suggestiveness, naivety and vexation almost simultaneously.

“Ooooooooo,” she said with a degree of sexual explicitness, pain, understanding, and naivety, all rolled into one.  “We may be getting somewhere now. Oooooooooooooooo”

Not everyone can create laughter by appearing forlorn, vexed, simple, sexy and wise, but Arcadia possessed the necessary mannerisms and dialogue. The four men and women worked well together and if you are looking for some pretty darn good talent, you need go no further than Virginia City, Montana, and take in an evening at the Brewery Follies.



*Fort Peck Montana


2 Responses to “Virgina City’s Brewery Follies – It May Not Be For Everyone”

  1. Kristine Schow Says:

    Great write up about the follies! Glad you enjoyed it so much…however Bret that you reference is my daughter Brit Buchan. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Bert Says:

    Something I work hard at is getting names correct. Sorry I goofed on this. All four were absolutely terrific!