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Airstreams — Promote “Deep” Philosophical Discourse

©Bert Gildart:  After some heartbreaking damage to our Safari Airstream (previously described), Janie and I finally opted for replacement of our damaged trailer with a new one, and here it is. Specifically, it is described as a 30-foot Classic and we think it is beautiful. Adding to its functional capabilities are four solar panels and four “sealed” Glassmat batteries.  We carry yet two more movable solar panels in the back of our pickup and Airstream installed a “quick link” hookup, meaning that we can generate about 360 watts of solar energy — when the sun shines.  The four batteries means we can now store all that energy, ready now for all the boon docking we do.




We purchased the trailer from George Sutton in Eugene, Oregon, and did so because we purchased our 2004 Safari from him and because he subsequently provided us with good service.

Though acquisition of a new trailer may seem an easy thing, in fact, it is not. For the past two days we have been learning about new features – and visiting as well with a number of Airstream owners whom we have either heard about or learned about over the past decade.  Ironically, many seemed to converged simultaneously at Armitage County Park, located just a few miles from Sutton Airstream.


And a new "Flying Cloud" Airstream for Brian and Leigh


Case in point is the couple we are visiting with.  Brian and Leigh have also been long term Airstream owners.  In fact, for a number of years they operated a business out of one of their previous Airstreams and did so as “fulltimers.”  Like us, they have just purchased a new Airstream and (like us) returned again to Sutton’s.  We talked a bit about Mr. Sutton, and a little about the wonderful job sales and service did getting us squared away.  Mark was the sales man but knew more about Airstreams than your average salesman typically knows, in this case through actual ownership. Noah and Thom were in service and helped with questions and minor problems.

As previous owners, Janie and I knew how to outfit our new Airstream but, still, that required almost two full days of transferring pots, pans, inverters, books, key racks, towels, food, etc. from the back of our pickup and organizing it in the trailer.

And so at last we have gathered in front of our new Airstream, engaged in deep philosophy — waiting, of course, to document this deep philosophical exchange until the self-timer of my camera clicks the shutter. Excited as we all were, that’s about as far as we got in our discourse. But wasn’t it fun.



*Old Rag –Shenandoah


5 Responses to “Airstreams — Promote “Deep” Philosophical Discourse”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Such great pictures! We loved meeting you guys! Our issues are resolved. I’m posting our picture with you guys on Sunday. It was great to meet you both, we will cross paths again!

  2. Angie Gildart-Friedner Says:

    Hmmmm? Is that how the natives lived? Maybe they DID have a doorbell on their Tipi’s. I must have missed that in history class!

    We can’t wait to see it!

  3. Bill D. Says:

    Very nice… turning a heartbreaking situation around to your advantage… and obtaining a gorgeous and highly functional trailer!

    We look forward to meeting up with you and Janie again out in the desert… perhaps this winter.


  4. Tom & Sandi Palesch Says:

    Look’n good like an Airstream should!

    Many more miles of happy trails and tales ahead of you we hope and the best part is that you share them with all your many followers.

    Our best to you and your new A/S. When you get a chance, tell us about the “special” coating Sutton uses to eliminate the filiform threat.

    Tom & Sandi

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