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Seals or People? Which Should it Be?

©Bert Gildart: One of our coolest excursions during our stay in San Diego was a trip to upscale La Jolla to see the seals. During our weekday visit, parking was not a problem, after which we followed our ears to an overlook where the intensity of barking and roaring increased dramatically and became distinct — and recognizable.

Before us, on a horseshoe prominence overlooking the Pacific Ocean, herds of sea lions had gathered, all onto a piece of real estate that spanned but a few hundred yards.

LaJolla (5 of 7)

Seals and cormorants occupy a small section of real estate along a beach in La Jolla


Some of the seals were lounging, and were doing so by simply plopping on a neighbor.  But there was other activity as well.  Apparently mating season was winding down for several males were lunging at one another, attempting to claim an area for themselves.  Nearby females slept, occasionally peering up, trying to observe the grappling of the foolish males.  Sometimes females would open both eyes, but generally it seemed an effort for them to simply open just one eye.


Surrounding the seals were hundreds of cormorants and dozens of brown pelicans.  Further mixed into the group were a few harbor seals, and when we could see their heads in entirety, we could differentiate.  Seal lions have external ear flaps while harbor seals have an external orifice where you would expect there to be an ear.

Seals (21 of 35) Seals (2 of 35) Seals (5 of 35)


L TO R:  Bull sea lion warns intruders to stay off his turf;  not all interaction consists of sea lion battles (last two).

We could also differentiate between the two species when they moved on land.  Sea lions can rotate their flippers backward and forward and they often use them in this manner to accelerate over a beach or over a pile of rocks.  Harbor seals simply flop themselves in what appears to be a simple undulation of their bodies.


We were drawn to this area in La Jolla specifically to observe the seals, and so were hundreds of other animal lovers.  Because of its geographical configuration the area has always served as a natural sanctuary for seals, bur recently a group in this upscale neighborhood say the odor created by all these animals undermines their quality of living.  Some miscreants have even parlayed words into animal cruelty.  A surveillance camera installed to monitor the beach – day and night – shows two women sitting on the seals and kicking them.

Seals (33 of 35)

Male sea lions seem to battle for every piece of land that might be available.


Mitt Romney lives in the area and his residence typifies other area homes.  To facilitate parking of his several vehicles the former presidential candidate has installed elevators so he can park his vehicles one over the other.  Residents of La Jolla are loaded.


Nevertheless, in the recent battle over seal smells, a local court ruled in favor of the seals, but in the long run big money always seems to win, so if you want a bird’s eye view of seals, a view that can acquaint you with seal behavior, better take advantage of the opportunity while you can.  You might also consider writing city fathers, but only, of course, if you agree people should go before the seals.

Remember, this small horse-shoe shaped section of beach has been a sanctuary for seals through the ages, and that should count for something.



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  1. Bill D. Says:

    This beach is a favorite for seals, especially during pupping season.

    It is also known as Children’s Pool and the site of an ongoing clash between animal rights activists and beach-access advocates, as noted in this recent KPBS article:


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    [...] increased odoriferous excrement that is having an impact on upscale seaside tourist spots such as La Jolla, California.  [...]