Paul Williams Jr.
An Emerging Artist

            As an emerging artist, Paul Williams Jr. draws from a heritage of superb artisans. His great aunt created the beaded baby belt worn when she wandered the area now known as Old John Lake. And his "Grandmother" Mary Sam created the Moccasins.jpg (32920 bytes)moccasins. Today, Paul wants to create a legacy of his own work, and from our perspective, the talented teachers aid is well on his way.  

    Currently, his work in beaded human figures is displayed at various areas in Fairbanks and Paul takes
 orders for his work as well. Write Paul Williams Jr.
                                                    P.O. Box 25, Beaver, AK 99724Paul&Janie.jpg (53207 bytes)

Paul and Jane Examine Baby Belt once worn by
Paul's Great Aunt