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Fall Foliage Rules the Day

Launching boat in Swan Lake

Launching boat in Swan Lake

┬ęBert Gildart: New England, Arkansas and the South are often touted as being some of the nation’s best sites for reveling in the splendor of fall, but I’d like to add another site and that is Montana, particular those places west of the Continental Divide.

For the past few weeks we’ve been traveling in our RV throughout these regions, and seldom have I seen the colors so brilliant. That observation was even further dramatized several days ago when I joined two good friends on a fishing expedition.

Early that morning we launched Bill’s (described in an early blog–and in newspaper and magazine stories–as a Fishing Fool ) boat in Swan Lake, located along the Seeley Swan Highway just south of Bigfork, and as we did, fog was rising and blending with the colors of the Swan Range.


That in itself was dramatic, but combine that with the yellows of cottonwoods and aspens, and then add yet further the gold of tamaracks, and you’ve got an incredible palette of colors.

Autumn reflections on Swan Lake

Autumn reflections on Swan Lake

Montana doesn’t always have such color synchronizations, but this year, because of the right combination of temperature and moisture, aspens and cottonwoods have turned a bit later and tamaracks have turned a bit sooner.

Returning pike

Returning pike

That doesn’t always happen.

Nature then had combined to provide a perfect blend of colors, but the drama of the scene was further enhanced but the stillness of the lake, providing an almost perfect mirror-like reflection.

Fishing was our intended objective, but as a hard core photographer I was more inclined to point my camera in the direction of color than my pole toward the lake. As I result I didn’t do as well as my two friends, both of whom caught pike.

In fact, though I did fish after the fog had lifted and a slight wind began to blow, I didn’t catch a thing. Bill caught a small pike and so did Gene, but because of the size, both returned their catches.

Later, we all agreed that it wasn’t the fishing rather the fall foliage that had created such a memorable day.

3 Responses to “Fall Foliage Rules the Day”

  1. Gene Colling Says:


    I enjoyed the great photos and summary of the day. The only thing missing was a photo of God’s great creature, the coot. Pelicans and cormorants would have also added a nice touch.

    I read several of your articles and enjoyed them all. Hope new adventures are in the near future for you and Janie..
    Gene Colling

  2. Kimmy Says:

    Bert, you are such a wonderful photographer. Nature’s colors are just bursting through your photo.

  3. Woody Schlom Says:


    You should consider using the fine copper mesh stuff specifically intended for mouse-proofing instead of steel wool.

    The copper stuff lasts forever instead of rusting quickly. I’m not sure if there’s a danger of galvanic corrosion between the Airstream’s aluminum and steel wool or copper — but it’s worth looking into.

    My sister has been using the special copper mesh stuff for years to mouse-proof her log house. It’s expensive, but seems to be well worth the expense.

    Great photos!

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