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Montana’s Pryor Mountains

©Bert Gildart: Several days ago Tom Palesch posted a comment on one of my blogs (Photoshop Revisited ), asking if I’d visited the Pryor Mountains in southeastern Montana. Like me, Palesch also writes for Airstream Life Magazine.

If you review his comments you’ll see he was fascinated with this vast recreational complex and asked me to post a few photographs of the area–if I had any.

Bighorn Sheep Wild Horses

Like Palesch, I’m intrigued with the Pryor Mountains and if you are the type who likes to make plans in the winter for summer adventures, the following photos may suggest possibilities. Palesch’s comments might do the same.

Essentially, Palesch and I were fascinated with the Pryors for similar reasons, and here are a few.

The Pryor’s are home to some of the state’s most incredible geology, having been carved out by the Bighorn River years ago. The result is Bighorn Canyon, shown in one of my photos.

The Spanish visited the area and left behind horses, and so the wild horses seen in another of the posted photos are thought to be genetically related. DNA testing helped shape that opinion.

Bighorn Canyon

Bighorn Canyon, carved through the millennium by the Bighorn River

As Palesch said, bears, elk and deer inhabit the area, as do bighorn sheep. What’s more the area provides excellent fishing and wonderful camping, making the area an ideal destination for the RVer.

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  1. Kimmy Says:

    What a unique place. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mountain region quite like it before.