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More Beauty from Lower Antelope Canyon

©Bert Gildart: Though we are within striking distance today of Bend, Oregon, location this year for the Northwest Outdoor Writer’s Association annual meeting, the beauty of slot canyons is still on my mind. They’re easily accessed from Lake Powell Recreation area and my last two posts have described some of their beauty.

Look at the picture in my last posting of Janie ascending from “Mother Earth,” and then look at the ones posted here.  This is what you see beneath the fissure in the earth.  This is Lower Antelope Canyon, and must certainly represent some of the most beautiful erosion in the world.

HDRLowerAntelope-9 HDRLowerAntelope-5

Add to this some skillfully rendered flute music in what is a continuous echo chamber and visual beauty is augmented with an ethereal sound that delights the auditory and visual senses.

Negotiating some of the bends and twists could be challenging but the Navajo have installed iron steps to facilitate placement of feet, creating a perfectly safe environment.


Presence of Janie in image adds depth


Because I had established professional credentials – and paid for a special photography permit which authorized publication of my images – Janie and I were permitted to wander alone.  My permit specified that I would not deface these incredible works of time, and I certainly had no problem signing the paper containing that agreement.    Apparently, in the past some have lacked integrity, and I am delighted the Navajo are going to great lengths to preserve these national treasures.

The record-breaking temperatures throughout the country persist as we travel, but we recall the slots were cool, another reason to visit these gorgeous examples of subterranean erosion.




*They were Honeyed Up — Reflections From My days as a Backcountry Ranger





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  1. Kim Buzan Says:

    Beautiful photography throughout your blog…what an adventure! Antelope Canyon is one of the most unique places I’ve been to in the states. Went there one week after purchasing my very first DSLR in 2005. Knew nothing about photography…would love to go back now that I actually know how to use a camera!

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