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Creating Photo Art From Hopi Art Created at Desert View

©Bert Gildart: Though the work of Hopi artist Fred Kabotie is the art that is most completely described in a pamphlet that discusses the murals on the walls of the Watchtower at the Grand Canyon’s Desert View, it was the work on the second and third floors by Fred Geary that intrigued me the most.

Desert View

HDR image of art work created by Fred Geary


Because the tower is such a popular visitor destination, Janie and I made an early morning return so that I might use a tripod required for long time exposures and not impede visitor movement.  I also wanted to bracket my photographs so that I could merge them in a program that creates High Density Resolution images.

My plan worked and shown here is an HDR image that doesn’t exceed the limits of exposure inherent in my Nikon 7000.  This to me is the way the image of the hunter stalking the game appeared, and hopefully it preserves the grandeur Mr. Geary hoped to impart.  If I had not used this photo technique the “fire” from the pot would be way over exposed.

We’re enjoying the Grand Canyon so much we’ve decided to extend our visit by yet another three days.




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  1. Leigh Says:

    Cool photo Bert! I can’t wait for your photo tours at Alumafiesta!