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-- Mark Twain
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Rain In Tucson

©Bert Gildart:  From what we hear, it has been months since Tucson experienced rain.  But all that changed today. Though rain wasn’t torrential, it did rain, and when the day was complete, it closed with an incredible rainbow.


Rainbow at end rain preceded by long overdue rains


We’re still camped at Gilbert Ray not far from the Sonoran Desert Museum, and this is what we saw just outside our trailer.  Hope your day was as satisfying.

5 Responses to “Rain In Tucson”

  1. Adam Says:


    It’s a double! You must be exhausted looking for that pot o’ gold. Safe travels to you both.

  2. Tom & Sandi Palesch Says:

    Gilbert Ray is one of our favorite places as a C/G. The last time we were in Tucson we stayed in the state park north of town. A light rain flooded the wash crossing the C/G entrance road and we along with many other RVers were trapped for three days.

    Desert rain can be beautiful and bring out gorgious scenes. But as I know you know, it can be troublesome and dangerous too.

    Great pic as are they all.

  3. Bert Says:

    Tom, at the moment we’re on our way back to Borrego Springs to rendezvous with Janie’s brother, with the two of us through everything this past summer in Seattle. After that we might return to Gilbert Ray, and wouldn’t it be fun to see you all there, too! Maybe next year we can plan out a get-together. In the meantime, thanks for you comments which are always appreciated.

  4. Bert Says:

    It is exhausting, but it could me minimized — perhaps even halved — if your all were here to help. Just leave the Yukon Jack at home so we can stick to business.

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