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Tarantulas & Anal Sphincters at Peg Leg? Sometimes

©Bert Gildart:  Though I am working on a book about Montana, the door to our Airstream is wide open allowing me to peer through the screen and maintain a vigil for migrating tarantulas.  Late November and early December is their mating season, so the prospect could be good. I have never seen one in the wild, but that could be because we’ve never been here so early.  Mind you, not everyone around me is enthusiastic about this prospect, but as a bonafied desert rat, such an event will be even more satisfying than knowing that the Steelers are playing in the Super bowl.


At the moment, Janie and I are housed in our Airstream in a barren spot of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park known as Peg Leg. Once again, this may not be a satisfying experience for everyone, and I hesitate to say anything good about the area for fear more people will show up.


At Peg Leg solar panels are a must

For us, Peg Leg has come to symbolize peace, some freedom and a place where people seem to live and let live.  We’ll be here for several months and because of some breakdown (that’s what it has to be!) in the economic system, camping here is free, but to enjoy the area and to not piss off one’s neighbors, one must have solar panels. We have six, two that are portable, and four on top of our Airstream.  As well, we have four batteries in our trailer.


Other than work, Janie and I find much to occupy ourselves. We read and watch old movies powered by our inverter.  As well we hike, ride our bicycles and explore a multitude of features left by the historic people who preceded us (Peg Leg is one).  We also enjoy evening get-togethers ‘round a fire and then socializing with people whom we have known over the years.


Most surrounding us are now gone, but we're here for the long term


We were delighted to see that Ted and Carol of British Columbia were back and are looking forward to Don and Nancy of Vermont showing up. Mike the Mechanic is here, too, and several years ago he helped to demystify a life with solar panels.


As well, we watch for tarantulas and scorpions and publicize such creatures whenever we find one.  We hope their presence will keep the neer-do-wells away. Though we don’t see many showing up here, we do get ‘em.  One such man ran his humongous generator non-stop  ’round the clock, flew his model airplane (against all rules), and built a fire directly on the ground, which is also against the rules.  Before leaving, the man informed me that I was a “poopy kind of person.”  In turn, I informed him that he was a “First Class Anal Sphincter.”

That’s the kind of person I hope will be intimidated by the prospect of seeing a tarantula.




*Bosque del Apache



5 Responses to “Tarantulas & Anal Sphincters at Peg Leg? Sometimes”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Looks beautiful – so jealous!

  2. Tom & Sandi Palesch Says:

    How did you weather the advertised winds this week?

    Re: The playboys and their noisy toys; request them to be your photo assistant to serve by antagonizing tarantulas and scorpions to pose in their “attack” mode for your camera. I’m sure you can find somebody foolish enough to do that for you. If you’re lucky, that will help you “thin out the herd” of nasty neighbors!

    Sorry, we’re busy this time!

  3. Tim Says:

    Bert, how did you get that picture? Is there a big hill right by the camping area?

  4. Bert Says:

    Tim, almost every morning Janie and I take a walk on the high hill immediately behind our Airstream. That’s how I get the “aerial” shot you refer to.

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