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No Access Now to Battling and Bugling Bull Elk — A Crime Against the American People!

©Bert Gildart: Because of the irresponsible closing of the Federal government last night, as of today (October 1), all national parks, to include our very first national park, are closed.  That means you cannot see one of the world’s most spectacular of all wildlife dramas, the story of the bull elk.  Other than to dictate that we no longer can believe in the sanctity of motherhood, apple pie, the American flag – or the beauty of Old Faithful – little could be worse.  Congress has just committed a crime against the American people!


With murder in its eyes, a bull elk protects his territory


Images shown here were made about three years ago. We had parked our Airstream at Madison Campground and then ranged out from there, seeing bison, Old Faithful, eagles, wolves, ravens, paint pots — and elk.

The stage, of course, for these elk photos is Yellowstone National Park and an annual ritual intensifies the end of September/first of October. Each evening dozens of bull elk materialize from huge stands of pines, and then edge closer and closer until viewers have front-row seats.

But before you can see the elk, you can hear them and their famous “bugling.” Bull elk create the music and do so by tilting back their heads and emitting a sound that begins on a low note then progresses up the scale.  Finally, the bugling ends with a guttural “Ugh, ugh.”   Hearing them is one thing, but when dozens of bulls create the sound simultaneously, it blows your mind. Again, all this is taking place right now, (today!) in Yellowstone.  But you can’t see them, because our leaders have shut down the government.

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Yellowstone with all of various dramas is now closed — a crime against the American People
created by those who are supposed to protect and preserve us.

The purpose of the bugling – followed by aggressive gestures in which they use their antlers to plow up the dirt, “murder” small trees, or actually engage other bulls in battle – is intended to help each bull establish a territory.  In this space each bull protects his developing harem, and woe be to any interloper, particularly to “the welterweights,” or to one whose spread of antlers is inferior – that enters this space. Presumably the genetically superior bull emerges victorious and it is he that passes on his genes.

Sights and sounds associated with this drama are incredible, but again, to state the obvious, we can’t enjoy them because Congress has shut down the government.  The effects are devastating to so many in so many walks of life – but all I can dramatize are those aspects with which I have an intimate knowledge, and that is our national parks.

Parks are repositories of our national heritage, places people congregate to retain their sanity when pressures of everyday  life seem overwhelming.  Quite likely the calming influences of these preserves have prevented a number of deranged citizens from climbing the stairs of a Texas tower and becoming another Charles Whitman.  Everyone should have the opportunity to get absorbed in the drama of elk, on stage right now.

Yellowstone was our very first national parks, and Congress has just committed a crime against the American people!



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2 Responses to “No Access Now to Battling and Bugling Bull Elk — A Crime Against the American People!”

  1. Diane and Katie Says:

    Your posts brought tears to my eyes. Such a shame. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you in Borrego this winter.

  2. Tom & Sandi Palesch Says:

    We the peops take vacations to come see the animals and the beauty in which they live. Now, the animals get a vacation from us and you know what, I bet they soon realize, “that’s not so bad!”

    Ya know, the critters might think this budget negociating thing is a sign of an early and long winter ahead for them. Just like what we say about squirrels early storing of nuts. They probably have it right …. it is going to be a long and hard winter in so many ways and for so many reasons!